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Dec 15, 2012 8:00am PST
and they are killing little kids. >> in union city the school district will have the first active school drill next march and they are keenly aware. >> with younger children, it's like a fire drill maneuver where you are reassuring the children and moving them around. >> they were coaching faculty members of how to spot signs of distress in kids. >> let them know, these things do happen. it rarely happens and there are adults they can go to when they are feeling afraid. >> in san francisco it was just gut check time. school officials were reexamining safety plans since columbine. since then, police say their tactics have changed. >> we take immediate action. we know that lives are at stake. if there is an immediate pro problem, our officers are told to gather and engage. >> this morning, president obama is using his weekly address to ask all americans to keep the victims of violence in mind. >> as a nation, we have endured far too many of these tragedies in the last few years. an elementary school in newtown, a shopping mall in oregon, a house of worship in wisconsin, a movie theater in colorado, c
Dec 22, 2012 8:00am PST
towards monterey. it's lightened up around san jose. south bay, light rain over into milpitas and union city, still looking at the light rain. further north, things have dried out. much quieter from concord, benicia and berkeley and oakland look at that little cell right around san anselmo south of san rafael and it looks like the higher elevations. rain behind this system and it be isolated. next chance of gusty winds as soon as tomorrow. possibility of flooding too. >> katie: as lisa keeps track of the storm, we also have a crew in the field what is actually feels like out there. our reporter has traveled to the south bay. what has been your experience this morning? >> the rain was much heavier earlier this morning, it's dying down. it's very light rain here in los gatos this morning which may account that kathy and you are thoroughly enjoying. but on the news here we need some more lane. the landscape off of highway 17 was drenched overnight and early this morning on our drive from san mateo via 101 to 58 to 17. it look like it was damp. electronic traffic sign, reduce speed. as you
Dec 1, 2012 8:00am PST
and yountville, showers. livermore valley, dublin you are dry now. but highway 84 back into union city. san leandro and the peninsula down to the south bay, sunnyvale cupertino light showers. we're going to get into this break, as the break, continue to lighten up. breezy throughout the day today. we are looking at our last system in the pacific that will bring us the heavy winds into tomorrow. we'll time out the next heavy rain coming your way in a few minutes. >> katie: get where you are going and stay there. developing news in south florida two people are now dead and more than two dozen others injured. a tour bus hit an overpass at miami international airport. officials say all 32 people aboard the bus suffered some sort of injury. the driver was not familiar with the area and didn't intend to go to the airport. they are supposed to travel through the departure area that has a higher clearance. >> north korea says it will try again to launch a long range rocket. they say the launch will take place between december 10 and december 22. it comes as kim jung un meets with chinese officials
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3